Beginner guide for Steemit newbies


Beginner guide for Steemit newbies

Beginner guide for Steemit newbies.

The newbies on the steemit community are often shaking like a leaf, scared to their bones, and unsure of themselves in a vast cyberspace. They scroll through the news feed or trends and their eyes are greeted by the ‘big dough’ the pros are making from a single post alone.

And they ask themselves, “am I gonna get to this level?”. Some even lose face right at that moment and never even bother to login again. Others, after their first post, seeing the outcome below their expectancy, concludes it isn’t for them.

But they fail to realize that certain processes are involved in getting to where they envisage to be overnight. They’d rather bypass these processes and start making the ‘big dough’ immediately. It isn’t so, and you might want to read further to see some certain things you ought to arm yourself with before and after signing up. here is some steps about Beginner guide for Steemit newbies.

  1. Do Your Homework: You probably must have heard of steemit from a friend. But you made the mistake by immediately signing up without a second thought of doing enough research about it. It’s very sensible to do a lot of reading on what you want to venture into, so you could get a grasp of how it works. What are you waiting for? Go do some homework.
  2. Mirror the Pros: Don’t get intoxicated with excitement into publishing a post immediately you signed up. I’d rather you watch carefully and see how the pros do it. You could check out their profiles and see the magic involved in baiting their followers. For some pros, their titles do it for them. There’s often one or two things to be learnt from them.
  3. Publish the Post Anyway: Perhaps, some of you may have done extensive homeworks and possibly watched the community for a while. But you seem wont to make your first post. Well, there’s a saying that ‘if you don’t try, you won’t fly’. It’s better you make the post and learn from the mistakes made. You don’t become a superstar overnight, you improve on yourself daily.
  4. Interact With Fellow Steemitians: Comment on fellow steemitians post, make constructive compliments and avoid unnecessary arguments or subjective opinions. Building a rapport with steemitians gives you the opportunity of asking questions and getting answers to what you possibly didn’t understood earlier; it will give you deeper insights as to how it works on steemit. Show interest in others, and people notices you. Simple magic.
  5. Consistency and Persistency: Rome wasn’t built in a day. And I can tell you without blinking an eye that it requires staying true to a course to get victory at last. Be hardworking and be patient enough in this community. Otherwise, you might as well never even joined in the first place. Persistency and consistency are virtues on steemit.

I guess that’s my rant for today. Thanks.

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